Loving Gertrude Stein

(Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 2004)

available from turnstone press

This collection explores the relationships I have had with major literary mothers mediated through my understanding of my own mother Inez Miriam Pearl. I see and hear myself taking off for my one and only trip to Paris in my maturity —in fact the raw sequence for this long poem was composed while I was on a return flight from Vancouver to Winnipeg—listening to Stein and Virginia Woolf share what might have been a keen and gritty conversation for they lived in that extraordinary Modernist century that has taken up residency folds of my own imagination. I adopt them. They adopt me. In the process of making this family for myself, I look for various correspondences in the way Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein co-created and loved one another and in the way Woolf entered my circulatory systems. I mull over paper weights and words, rifts between mother and daughter, moments of creative connection and discontinuity. Sections within the poem frame and reframe how I have loved and carried these mother tongues which intersect and mentor my developing grasp of my own life in language, love, and loss. 

Black Beyond Blue

(Winnipeg: Staccato Press, 1997)

out of print

This first collection of poems in chapbook form traces childhood wounds produced within a family governed by misrule and excess, wounds burning bitterly as costs are re-assessed from various perspectives in adulthood.